Elastic Waist Skirt Tutorial – Mama Edition

with pockets!

This tutorial is very similar to the lil’ mama elastic waist skirt tutorial, with a few changes. If you want you can mash-up the two tutorials and come up with your own version, which I would love. I would suggest that you play with the two tutorials a little and take away from both of them what will work for you.

Click here for a full tutorial after the jump.  If you find it difficult to cut cetain things maybe check out my Silhouette Curio Review

Materials needed:
2-3 yards of fabric
elastic, I used the 2-inch wide variety
coordinating fabric for the pockets
straight pins

Now take your measurements, you will want to measure:
your natural waist
from your waist to your knee or mid-thigh, however long you want your skirt

For my skirt, I cut my elastic 29 inches.
Then you want the width of your skirt to be at least 2 times the width of the elastic, so I cut 2 pieces of 30 inches by 24.5 inches.

Start with your two pieces of fabric. Are you tired of fiddling around with scissors? Cricut can help you out! Read this Cricut Maker Review if you are interested.

Pin your pockets on the 4 edges of the skirt, 3 inches from the top.

Using a 1/4 inch seam, stitch your 4 pockets to the skirt pieces

Press your pocket pieces back.

Put right sides of skirt pieces together.
Using a 1/2 inch seam, stitch your skirt pieces together, going around the pocket.

Turn your skirt and press your side seams flat.

See your pocket in there peeking out? Now pat yourself on the back, you just tackled pockets.

Now finish your hem. Press hem 1/4 inch,

then 1/2 inch.

Then sew your hem using a 1/2 stitch.

Sew your elastic, using a 1/4 inch stitch. Please don’t use white thread with black elastic, I used it so you could see my stitch.

With right sides together, section your skirt off and pin your skirt to the elastic.

Because you probably have curves, you will need some give in your skirt and here is the main difference between the two skirts. You will want to stretch your elastic as you sew.

See above how the elastic is resting and your fabric is puckered slightly? Now put your needle into the fabric,

and stretch your elastic out until your material lays flat.

Now hold the back end of the fabric with your left hand and feed the needle with your right hand making sure you get an even stitch.

Then put a zigzag stitch on the edge of the fabric and elastic, stretching as you go. The zigzag stitch will prevent the fabric from fraying.

Turn your skirt and enjoy,
thats it, your done!


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