About Me

This is not My Crafting Room...

It looks so clean and organized. This would be ideal. In most cases my crafting room looks like a hurricane zone.
The only time when someone’s room would look like this is if she would have no work to be done.

Hey it’s Emily here. A few years ago I’ve left my corporate job to pursue my passion. Let me tell you it wasn’t easy. But I was bored out of my mind at my former work place.

I always loved to create thing with my hands. And corporate stuff is anything but that (if you don’t consider filing papers).

Crafting is in my blood. Through the years I had the luck of testing numerous machines that help crafters work faster and smarter.

This is why I’ve created this blog. I want you to know from my experience. Avoid all the mistakes I’ve made.

There isn’t a bigger mistake than paying lots of money to a machine that is not in harmony with your craft.
Here’s a heads up for you. I tend to speak my mind without filters. If you read my reviews and comparisons you will see that sometimes I let them have it.

I believe in being well informed before making a purchase. There are other bloggers out there or I should call them product hypers who only cover the positive sides of things and completely disregard the negatives.

If you have found my posts you can be rest assured that you will know everything there’s to know about any machine. This can be good or bad I don’t spare the details.