The best choice between Brother Scan and Cut vs Silhouette Cameo?

This is the long-awaited comparison between Brother Scanncut vs Silhouette Cameo

brother scanncut2 vs Silhouette cameo

Both of them are excellent machines but which is the best for you? Who will prevail Brother Scan and cut vs Silhouette Cameo.

At first glance, the Brother Die Cutter seems to be a premium one if you only check out the price. At first, I will lay out the information in an easy to follow the table. After that, I will get into details.

Let’s get this Brother Silhouette fight started!

Silhouette Cameo vs Brother Scan and Cut Comparison Chart

Silhouette CameoBrother Scan n Cut
Size22.5 x 6 x 8.5 inches10.25 x 23 x 10.5 inches
Weight13.95 pounds8.6 pounds
Cutting FeatureYesYes
Drawing FeatureYesYes
Transform Images to DesignPixScanBuilt in Scanner
Cutting force210g350g
Cutting Size12 inches x 10 feet12 x 12 inches (additional 24 inch add-on available)
Auto BladeYesYes
Cross CutterYesNo
Deep CutNoYes
Max Material Thickness2mm2mm
Computer NeededYesNo
Preloaded Patterns100600+
Edit Images on ScreenNoYes
Noise LevelLoudNoisy
Recommended Retail Price$299.99$499.99

Before we get into the nitty-gritty, let me clear up some things for you.

Silhouette Cameo 3 cutting machineWe will be comparing Silhouette Cameo 3 with Brother Scan and Cut 2 (also known as CM350). Many of the readers requested to pit these two cutting machines against each other. There isn’t much difference between silhouette cameo two vs. silhouette cameo three they have added a Bluetooth feature and some minor tweaks.

brother scan n cut 2 machineFor Brother Cutter, there have been some noticeable changes. The LCD is bigger and more user-friendly. The model we’re comparing is the CM350 because it can be easily bought through Amazon. There’s another version called the CM650 this can’t be purchased online sadly. And the price tag is around $700.

I’ve chosen these versions of the machines because anybody can purchase them easily through online stores.

The Brother Vinyl cutter seems smaller than the Cameo and a bit lighter as well. It’s taller because it has an anti-glare touchscreen on the top. Both of the machines can cut and draw.

Cameo has its Pixscan software which helps digitize the images you want to multiply. Brother has a built-in scanner. Some crafters complained that the scanner isn’t accurate enough. It takes a lot of troubleshooting to get the scans right.

The Brother machine can do both black and white and colored scans. Also when you are scanning in color, you can increase or decrease the color numbers to get the most accurate scan possible.

Both cutting machines have a learning curve to master.

You will be able to cut thicker and sturdier materials. Make sure that the material you are working with isn’t more than 2mm thick. If it is the machine can’t properly grip it, and it can damage the mat as well.

The cutting size is different for the two machines. With an additional add-on, the Cameo can cut on a huge surface. For the Brother, the default cutting mat is 12 x 12 inches, and it can be extended to 24 with a bigger cutting mat.

brother scan n cut 2

Auto Blade is a great perk to have. You can set the cutting depth through the software. Remember you need to set the blade height manually with both machines.

The cross cutter is only available with the Silhouette product. This is a neat feature to cut finished products. It’s faster and cleaner than doing it with scissors.

The Brother Vinyl cutting machine has a feature called Deep Cut. These blades are bigger and wider than any other blade hence the name. With these blades, you can easily cut leather, fabrics and thicker papers. The auto blade helps you, but you need to manually set the blade height. Some users managed to cut flexible wood pieces as well.

The Dual-Carriage is an important feature to have, and sadly it’s missing from the Brother Print and Cut machine. The Cameo lets you use two tools at the same time, let it be two blades or two pens or even a pen and a blade. This helps you work faster, and it saves you time on more complex designs.

If you want to draw something and cut it, it’s easy to do with Cameo. First, you draw it, and then the machine cuts it. You can set it up and do something else, and you don’t need to baby sit the machine. Now if you have the Scan N Cut machine you have to wait for it to finish the drawing then tinker with the soft then change the pen to a blade and only then you can start the second part of the job.

For simple works, you don’t need the Dual-Carriage feature. But if you have multiple complex ones, it is a handy option to have.

Now, this is where the Brother Scan and Cut shines. You don’t need a computer /laptop/tablet. Everything can be done on the machine itself. You can edit, crop, resize, move any object that you want to create. If you are attending shows and fairs, it’s great. You only need one power socket, and you need space for only one machine.

This is where the Scan N Cut stands out. You don’t need another machine to manipulate your work. I bet this is why it costs more than the Cameo 2.

The Brother cutting machine has a big LCD which you can navigate either with your fingers or a pen. You can edit scanned or imported images on this screen.

lcd display brother scan n cut

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Both of the machines have preloaded templates to get you started. Brother has over 600 fonts, and patterns and the Cameo has just shy of a 100 or so.

Both machines are noisy. If you have read my other Silhouette reviews, you know that the whole family is loud. The Brother machine is just noisy compared to the other one. If you want a less noisy machine, then I suggest trying the Cricut. But that’s for another day.

The Cameo is not suited for late night work if somebody is sleeping nearby. The Scan and Cut are noisy but less intrusive.

I try to stay objective with these reviews, so this is why I disclose negatives as well so you can make the best choice as possible.

Brother Scan and Cut negative machine experiences: it’s more expensive than anything else on the market. There is the CM650 version, and this baby goes for a cool $700. It has over 600 patterns preloaded, but they are only basic designs. The Scanning feature is inconsistent, and it takes a lot of trial and error to get it right.

The mats lose stickiness fast. This means you need to replace them way too often. The accessory prices are 3x times higher than other cutting machines. There are difficulties when cutting thicker materials.

Also, there’s an image issue. The pencil that helps navigate the touchscreen brings back memories from the palm pilot days. It’s kinda weird to see people still using it since almost everything has a touchscreen nowadays. If you’re interested in a detailed Brother Scan and Cut 2 Review check it out here.

Now let’s see what kind of issues crafters have found with the Silhouette Cameo 2 (negatives). It wastes a lot of vinyl. And you can’t use the whole 12-inch cutting space it’s much more suitable for 8 inches. Some crafters reported that they had issues connecting via Bluetooth.

This cordless connectivity is one of the great selling points of the machine. And it has failed in that department. Noise is a big complaint sadly.

For whom this machine was created?

The Brother Scan and Cut 2 is ideally suited for stampers. It does a great job cutting vinyl and paper. It is advertised to cut leather and fabric, but there’s a steep learning curve to get that right. It is higher priced than other machines, yet some crafters said that they had recouped their investment in less than six weeks.

brother scan and cut 2

The Silhouette Cameo 3 is perfect for event planners and décor creators. It’s a robust machine, and it can work on complex projects with speed thanks to its Dual-Carriage system.

silhouette cameo3

So there you have it. Now you have a deep understanding of these two cutting machines. You see their appeal and their weakness.

This is why my reviews differ from many. Most people hype up products without saying anything about the faults. I consider this unfair. It’s better for you to know ahead of time then to get nasty surprises along the way. Are you looking for a more formidable comparison check out the Brother Scan and Cut 2 vs Cricut Maker post.

This concludes my review about Brother Scan and Cut vs. Silhouette Cameo. I hope you have found it valuable. I also hope that by now you know which one of these cutting machines is the right one for your needs.

Happy crafting!

Here are some frequent questions from our readers (FAQ):

How much does a vinyl cutter cost?

Vinyl cutters are priced all over the map. Before you get to pricing make sure you know what tasks need to be done with the machine. After that you can do price shopping.

What is the best cheap vinyl cutter?

When on the budget you want to get the most out of the best cheap vinyl cutter. Before you even consider looking at a machine make sure you know what you will be using it for. After that you can look at the specs. If you are serious about doing vinyl jobs than you won’t mind investing a few hundred dollars. And the best vinyl cutter would be in the Cricut family brand. Lifetime ownership cost is small, it has double speed and more silent than the rest.

What is the best vinyl cutter?

The best vinyl cutter at the moment is the Cricut Maker but soon Silhouette Cameo 4 will be launched and it looks superior to Cricut. We have to wait and see.

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