How to Cut Felt With Cricut Maker – STEPS & Guide for 2022

Felt is super fun to work with and holds its own shape really well for making shaped crafts that will last.

Cutting felt with the Cricut ensures smooth, precise cuts, perfect for putting together intricate felt shapes.

Do you want to learn how to cut felt with Cricut Maker? This is a really easy process, and in this blog post, we’ll walk you through the steps.

How to Cut Felt With Cricut Maker

cut felt with Cricut Maker
Cricut felt sheets are quick and easy to cut with the Cricut Maker.

The Cricut Maker can cut through felt with the rotary blade.

You can use the fine point blade, bonded fabric blade, or deep cut blade with the Explore Air 2, but the Cricut Maker with a rotary blade is best.

Place Cricut felt or another bonded felt onto a pink fabric mat. On the “Edit Tools” menu choose “rotary blade.”

In the “Materials” menu select “wool felt.” The Cricut Maker will perfectly cut through any felt.

Check out this video for a visual guide:

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Which Mat Do I Use for Cutting Felt With My Cricut Maker?

Use the pink FabricGrip mat to cut felt with the Cricut Maker. It will grab the felt without damaging the texture of the fabric.

Felt will make your pink mat get dirty faster, so it will need more frequent maintenance.

Looking for a way to bring some creative flair to your cricut projects? Look no further than the pink fabric mat!

We use it for cutting all types of felt, fabric, and even wool fabric without a hitch.

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How to Cut Felt With Cricut Maker – Tips & Tricks

using a heat press
Cricut felt sheets can be stuck or bonded to other materials for dimensional designs.

If you’re looking for a fun and easy way to add some color to your home décor, felt flowers, animals, words, and graphic designs are the perfect solution.

With just a few supplies and a Cricut cutting machine, you can create beautiful felt designs in any color or style you can imagine, then bond them to fabrics with the Easy Press.

  • When it comes to cutting felt, you have a few options. You can use a fine point blade, rotary blade, or deep-cut blade. Each type of blade has its advantages and disadvantages.
  • A fine point blade is great for detailed cuts, but it can be difficult to cut through multiple layers of felt.
  • A rotary blade is best for cutting through all types of felt with the Cricut Maker.
  • Deep cut blades are ideal for cutting through thick felt if you’re using the Explore Air 2.
  • In the “Materials” menu select, “wool felt.”
  • In the “Edit Tools” menu select, “rotary blade.”
  • A pink FabricGrip mat is ideal for cutting felt because it’s sticky enough to hold the fabric in place, but not so sticky that it damages the fibers.
  • If you’re cutting adhesive felt, remove the paper backing before placing it on the pink mat. The felt will still release from the mat quite well, and you’ll get a nice clean cut.

Use these tips to cut out any felt project you’d like. Simply load your design into Design Space, choose the rotary blade on the Cricut Maker, and let it cut.

You’ll be pleased with your results every time.

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What Types of Felt Can I Cut With Cricut Maker?

felt flowers wreath
Felt flowers are a favorite felt project to cut with the Cricut Maker.

You can cut any type of felt with the Cricut Maker!

Simply load it on the pink mat, choose the rotary blade and wool felt in the menus, and let the machine cut your design.

You can cut any type of felt with the Explore Air 2 with varying degrees of success.

If using Cricut felt, simply load it into the machine and let it go. It works best with the rotary blade.

If using a regular unbonded felt with the Explore Air 2, apply a heat bond material to the back to stiffen it for cutting.

This is especially necessary for thin, cheap felt purchased from bargain stores. Use the deep-cut blade for very thick felt and the Cricut Explore Air 2.

We recommend doing a little experimentation with some scrap felt of the same weight before waiting for the Cricut to cut your entire design.

This will help you to make adjustments before beginning your project.

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Wrapping Up

Felt cutting is a fun project for beginners and experienced crafters alike.

We cut felt with our Cricut all the time to make ornaments, customize home decor, and make laptop sleeves, garlands, and flowers.

We know that once you begin cutting felt with Cricut you’ll be inspired to make all sorts of things with felt.

It’s such a cute, sturdy, and dimensional fabric for homespun crafting!

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