How to make origami lights

For something a little different than plain old twinkle lights, try folding paper around those lights. Click here for the full tutorial after the jump! Start with a square piece of paper, I used 8 1/2 x 8 1/2 for these lights. Fold diagonal. Again on the opposite diagonal. Fold in half. And again, in half. You …

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How to make a chandelier part 2

Last Thursday night a gaggle of us ladies got together at the lovely Jane’s house to make the wax paper chandelier, using Brenna’s tutorial. I’m not going to lie to you, this chandelier is both time + labor intensive. However, we worked assembly line style + were able to finish 4 chandeliers that night. 1. Tear off your wax paper …

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Breastfeeding cover tutorial

Here is the tutorial for the Nursing Apron or Breastfeeding Cover or Hooter Hider, whatever you decide to call it. Click here for full tutorial after the jump. Supplies Needed: 1 yard of Fabric Boning – 16 inches Terry Cloth (optional) small piece, 6×8 inches 1 package of 1.25 inches D rings Cut your yard of fabric …

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