Which Silhouette machine is the best choice for you? Silhouette Cameo vs Curio


Silhouette cameo vs Silhouette curio


These two crafting machines are the top tier products of the Silhouette family. In house rivalry leads to improvement so who will be the winner the fight is starting Silhouette Curio vs Cameo 3.

So which is the best cutting machine?

Which one should you choose?

It’s not as simple as one would think. First of all the machines weren’t created to replace each other. They were envisioned to improve crafting abilities. It’s not like Cameo 3 is better than Cameo 2, so the choice would be easy.

If you’re in the right niche, you will need both machines. But before you make the decision read on and see if either cameo or curio is a better fit.

Cameo 3 is the newest addition to the Silhouette Cameo family. This is why I’ve picked it to compare it with Silhouette Curio.

Comparison of the Silhouette Cameo and Curio

Details Price

Silhouette Cameo

  • It's a user friendly cutter so an average mom to get in the game with ease.
  • This is the secret tool of many Etsy sellers. Stickers come out nice and sharp.
  • With a bit of experience under your belt you will be able to make some money by crafting with tougher materials like leather.

Silhouette Curio

  • So much fun to craft with this machine great tool for kids as well.
  • If you want to cut costs for the wedding with this cutter you can dopersonalized bridesmaid gifts, invitation addressing etc.
  • You can start a simple side business with etching pendants and other jewelery.

This table was the bird’s eye view. As you can see the scale is tipping towards favoring Silhouette Curio. As you know the devil is in the details.

Silhouette Curio vs Cameo Machine Specs Tested:


So let’s check out those details, shall we?

The size and weight are straight forward. One is bigger so sit means it’s heavier as well. Hopefully, you have a big and sturdy table to put them on. Also if you are traveling to different exhibits, the excess weight might present some challenges.

Both Silhouette craft machines have a cutting feature. This means you insert the blade and it will make the precision cuts needed. I highly recommend to use the Deep Cut Blade for thicker materials. It’s so satisfying to see the deep cut blade in action. It goes through paper like hot knife through butter. Also, both of them can draw. This is a nice way to copy different fonts to simulate handwriting.

How to digitize your own creations? It’s simple you use the Pixscan technology. What you do is the following. You put your design on the mat and take a picture with your smartphone or camera. Then you upload it into Silhouette Studio.

Some might call it perfectionism but for many people, these last minute details matter a lot.

This is why Silhouette Curio shines over Cameo 3. Curio has these additional features: embossing, etching, scoring, and stippling.

curio image

Silhouette Curio vs Silhouette Cameo

Cameo is limited to only thin and easy to work with materials. While on the other hand Curio can work with foam, leather, metal, wood and many other materials as well (of course not all of them can be cut).

Are you a designer who is hand etching different surfaces?

Then Silhouette Curio is here to save you some precious time. It can do wonders with soft metals like aluminum, copper, brass.

curio works with metals

On Etsy, I’ve found a lady creating customized jewelry (even from silver) with the help of the Curio crafting machine. From her line up I’ve seen that she is even making rings and 3D object. (Here’s the secret how she does it: first, she etches them while they are flat then with the help of heat transforms them to the desired shape).


No Difference in Cutting Force?

The biggest disappointment for me was the cutting force power. It’s the same for both machines being 210g. Curio can work with a 5mm thick material and Cameo 3 only with a 2mm one, you would assume that it has more power yet it doesn’t.

Here’s an important takeaway. 5mm isn’t the cutting depth. The Curio machine can’t cut through a 5mm thick metal plate. For that performance certain high powered lasers are required. The 5mm means that you can put in a material which is that.

With thicker materials, you risk damaging your cutting machine. This is the main difference between the two devices. The Cameo 3 has a much shallow cut compared to Curio.

What it lacks in power makes up in the surface. As you can see with Curio, you can only work on a small surface which is 8.5 X 6 inches. On the other hand Cameo 3 has an amazing surface of 12 inches and by using an auto feeding system. This is where Cameo shines; you can work on huge projects with ease.

cameo 3 feeder

Silhouette Curio vs Silhouette Cameo 3

Auto Blade

The Auto Blade feature is a nice one to have which helps you automatically set the blade penetration thickness depending on the material you are working with. Sadly Curio doesn’t have this feature, so you have to set it up manually for every job.


Cross Cutter

Cameo also has a Cross Cutter function. This is again a handy tool when you need to make clean cuts. It’s much faster and cleaner than working with scissors. With Curio, you will be missing out on this feature.

Silhouette Cameo 3 has one major feature that outdoes Curio. It can work on projects without cords. All you need is a device that has Bluetooth connectivity. This comes handy when you are traveling to expos. You can easily create on your phone and connect to the Cameo via Bluetooth.

Though hauling a 14-pound machine around isn’t exactly a picnic either. For the Silhouette Curio, you need a constant computer connection. A more detailed review of Silhouette Curio can be found here.


Dual Carriage

The Dual Carriage is simply a Godsend. At the same pass, you can do two things at once. You can use two different colored pencils. Or you could draw and cut. Other options would be cut and emboss and so on. By having two tools at your disposal, you can cut down on production time. It’s like a cellphone after you got used to dual carriage you can’t imagine life without it.

dual carriage feature


Are they noisy or silent? Noise levels compared

Noise levels are sadly high. If you think that you can craft in the evening after the kids are asleep, then you will either need a soundproofed room or work deep in the basement. These machines are noisy.

Last but not least I will cover user-friendliness. The Curios is way easier to use than the Cameo 3 (but check out the negatives and you will learn all about Curio’s drawbacks).

Both machines are operated by the Silhouette Studio software. As far as I know, there isn’t any other 3rd party software to use. Silhouette Studio does everything you need. When you it up depending on your machine you will have different features. For example, Silhouette Studio for the Curio has embossing feature. If you don’t have that machine you won’t even notice that some things are left out. Here’s some food for thought the Silhouette Studio that arrives with the package is most likely outdated so go online and grab the latest version. If you are interested more in Silhouette Studio let me know and I will make a separate article of that.

Have you made your decision? Which one is the best fit for you? Is it the Cameo Cutter or Curio Machine?

Now here are the negatives. No true Brother Scan and Cut vs Cricut Maker comparison would be complete without them.


Silhouette Cameo vs Silhouette Curio comparison table

Silhouette Cameo Silhouette Curio
Size 22.5 x 6 x 8.5 inches 17.2 x 5.5 x 7 inches
Weight 13.95 pounds 7.5 pounds
Cutting Feature
Drawing Feature
Embossing Feature
Etching Feature
Scoring Feature
PixScan Technology
Cutting Force 210 grams 210 grams
Cutting Size 12 inches x 10 feet 8.5 x 6 inches
Auto Blade
Cross Cutter
Dual Carriage
Max Material Thickness 2mm 5mm
Computer Connection Needed
Noise Level Loud Loud
User Friendliness

Drawbacks of Using Silhouette Cameo

It’s not a user-friendly machine. Many people had connection issues with Bluetooth. This is one of its best features so no wonder it got some flak for it. Every manual can only be found online.

Certain users complained that you couldn’t use the full 12-inch length. The issues arise on one side where the blade can’t cut deep enough. We’ll see if this is an issue after some firmware updates.

If you are planning to use certain materials like Acetate makes sure you run the process at least two times, so you know for sure that it has cut through. Another user reported that after four passes he still couldn’t cut through shrinky dinks paper. If you plan to work with leather, just forget about it.

The noise is bothersome as well. But the loud noise runs in the whole Silhouette family.


Drawbacks of Using Silhouette Curio

Let’s see what is negative about Silhouette Curio:

The main complaints happened with embossing. It’s a three-step process, and you need a lot of practice to get it right. There are certain cheaper competitors that can do it faster.

Also, the embossing results weren’t that great. And for some reason, it didn’t cut Vinyl that entire well. Some users claimed that you are better off with a cheap embosser.

Again the noise was an issue. Hopefully, the next generation will be quieter.


The Comparison Results

Here are the results of this versus challenge (Silhouette Curio and Cameo).

The Silhouette Cameo 3 is the ultimate DIY machine. It’s cheap and does what it’s advertised to do. It works well for small things and (supposedly) for bigger ones as well. It’s a great fit for people in the home décor industry and event planners.

silhouette cameo 3 cutting machine

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Silhouette Curio vs Cameo

The Silhouette Curio is the little brother of Cameo. It has certain features that are impossible to do with Cameo even with the 3rd version. If you need embossing or you have to work with soft metals and wood, then Curios is the best choice for you. If you are a jeweler, you can do amazing things with this machine.

curio machine

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When Silhouette released the Curio, it didn’t kill the Cameo product line. This was the plan all to extend capabilities. How convenient isn’t it?

Yet for certain people both of the machines are needed. There are successful crafters who want to increase their market share by offering new products. For them, both Curio and Cameo 3 will be a perfect fit.


Final Conclusions for Silhouette Cameo Vs Curio

This is the end of the Silhouette Curio Vs Cameo article. This is how I have compared the Silhouette cutting machines. As you can see it was an unbiased opinion since both of the devices have flaws, and I’ve listed them fully. I tried staying objective to give you the best information possible.

Now the choice is up to you. You can choose one or both cutting machines. Now you have a solid foundation on what you can your decision.

Happy tinkering!

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What else can you create? Check out this hot pin.


Frequent Questions from our readers (FAQ):


Can the Silhouette Cameo 3 emboss?

Sadly the Silhouette Cameo 3 can’t emboss. For that you need to buy either the Silhouette Curio or the Cricut Maker.

Can my Silhouette Cameo 3 cut wood?

No it can’t. For that you need to buy the Silhouette Curio or the Cricut Maker.

Can you cut vinyl with Silhouette Curio?

No you can’t. Paper and Vinyl is not supported By the Silhouette Curio. For that you will need the Silhouette Cameo 3.

Anything missing form the Silhouette curios vs Cameo 3?

Well no matter what silhouette machine you’re using you have to respect the cutting clearance levels.

What’s the cutting size of these Silhouette machines?

The cutting size is 8 inches by 10 feet long for the silhouette Curio and 12 inches by 10 feet long for the silhouette cameo 3. To fully utilize the 12 inches by 10 feet you will need a feed roller. This is a sufficient cutting size for more projects. The Curio embossing machine and cameo 3 is the vinyl cutting machine. With these machines you can cut and draw plus stipple and etch.

What is the cutting force for these machines?

It’s 210 grams. Also this force can be lowered according to the blade depth. The cutting area is not affected by it.

Can the Silhouette Curio emboss deboss?

Yes the Silhouette Curios can emboss deboss. The Silhouette Cameo 3 can’t. For some reason they have left out the emboss deboss feature from the Cameo 3. To do it use an embossing mat. The embossing tool is quite strong. Other vinyl cutters are way to light the etching tool barely makes a dent.

Silhouette Curio Vs Cameo 3 which is the best stippling tool?

From the Silhouette Curio Vs Cameo (cameo vs curio) its obvious that the curios is the best etching tool because that can only do it. Also it can etch stipple.

Who’s the clear winner from the curio vs silhouette cameo vinyl cutter comparison?

Well there’s no clear winner between the two vinyl cutter machines. There are certain things that the curio embossing tool can do and the cameo machine can’t. On the other hand Cameo 4 will be able to do die cutting and craft foam which is perfect for home decor.

How to connect to the curio silhouette vinyl cutter?

You can use the sd card companion tool, or usb drive.

What do other vinyl cutter owners have to say?

The cutting width is sufficient for most fabric materials, die cutting and craft foam. If you would like to extend the capabilities you can. Don’t forget about the learning curve. Plus it can cut and draw at the same time on the work area and project surfaces. The touch screen is easy to use and navigate. Thanks to comparison guides it was easy to choose the right cutter. The cutting width is the most important aspect for most people. Thanks to the dual carriage you can mix and match tools and mix and match functions.

What kind of accessories are needed if I would like to do stencils?

For stencil materials you need to check out that section. For anything type of materials paper products are easy to make since it has double carriage heads. Do include the embossing score wheel for best results.

Silhouette vs Cricut – Which one should I choose?

The Cameo is a pretty decent product but if you want the best of the best you should buy A Cricut Maker.

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