How to make a chandelier part 2 – Detailed Step by Step Guide

Last Thursday night a gaggle of us ladies got together at the lovely Jane’s house to make the wax paper chandelier, using Brenna’s tutorial.
I’m not going to lie to you, this chandelier is both time + labor intensive. However, we worked assembly line style + were able to finish 4 chandeliers that night.
chandelier part 2
1. Tear off your wax paper into long pieces. We used 2 – 2.5 foot pieces. (Ann + Amy)

chandelier part 2-2

2. Iron your pieces together. We found that you could mass produce these as well. Start by laying down a piece of parchment, then three pieces of wax paper, then a piece of parchment, then three pieces of wax paper. You could layer up to five layers this way. (me + Millie)


3. Cut your circles. We had a couple different cutters. The first time I used made the chandelier, I used this cutter. This time I purchased this circle punch, I felt like it was much more effective + time efficient. Curio is a must have machine in your arsenal. Check out the Silhouette Curio Review right here. Or if you want the best Silhouette vinyl cutter out the Silhouette Cameo 4 review.
4. Organize your circles according to the length of sewn circles that you want. We decided that for everyone’s chandelier we would use a strand of 22 circles sewn together.


5. Sew your circles. We used a technique called chain piecing. Basically you just feed your circles one after another. (Shelby + me)

chandelier2 tutorial

6. Separate your strands. (Gygi + Amy)

chandelier2 tutorial

7. Lay over your frame. This way you don’t have to worry about attaching the string to the frame. Simply make your strand 2 x’s the length that you want your circles to fall, find the half way point + lay it over the frame.
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