What is the Cricut Imagine? – 2022 OVERVIEW

Cricut has many different types, including Cricut Imagine.

So, what is the Cricut Imagine?

The Cricut Imagine is a great machine made by the Cricut company that can be used in many different ways to make creative projects.

Let’s dive in and learn a bit more about this machine and what it can do.

What Is The Cricut Imagine?

The Cricut Imagine is a Cricut machine that works with cartridges to create different cutting or creative designs.

It can be used to create custom designs and artwork from pre-loaded images or your images.

The Cricut Imagine can also print out photographs and copy paper crafts.

The main difference between this machine and other Cricut machines is that this one uses cartridges.

The device comes with one cartridge, and additional cartridges can be purchased separately.

Each cartridge contains various images that can be used with the machine.

What are some features of the Cricut Imagine?

Printing papers
Essentially the Cricut Imagine is a sort of printer and crafting tool put in one.

Whether you are a beginner crafter or a seasoned pro, the Cricut Imagine is a versatile tool that can help you create beautiful artwork and customized designs.

Some features of the Cricut Imagine include:

  • Built-in storage for cartridges and mats
  • A color touch LCD that allows you to preview your design before you cut or draw
  • A large cutting mat that is easy to use and clean
  • Preloaded images, fonts, and designs for quick and easy crafting projects
  • Compatibility with Cricut Explore, Design Space, and other design software programs.

What are the capabilities of the Cricut Imagine?

The Cricut Imagine is a highly versatile machine used for cutting, drawing, and printing.

Its large cutting mat allows you to work with various materials up to 12″ x 24″, while its built-in storage makes it easy to keep your cartridges and mats organized.

Additionally, the Cricut Imagine works seamlessly with other design programs such as Design Space and Cricut Explore Air 2, making it an excellent choice for all types of crafters and artists.

Check out this video giving an in-depth look at the Cricut Imagine:

How does the Cricut Imagine work?

The Cricut Imagine is a cutting and drawing machine that can create custom designs and artwork quickly and easily.

To use the Cricut Imagine, you load your desired cartridges and materials into the engine, select your method, and then press start to begin cutting or drawing.

After that, the machine does the rest.

Whether crafting greeting cards or creating unique home decor projects, the Cricut Imagine is a powerful tool that can help you bring your ideas to life.

What type of cartridges does the Cricut Imagine use?

image design on a sweater
Using different cartridges can help create designs on t-shirts, paper, or other materials.

The Cricut Imagine uses cartridges when it comes to how it operates.

Let’s look at what type of cartridges they use.

The type of ink cartridge used with the Cricut Imagine is HP cartridges 97 and 98 which include black ink and colored ink.

The Cricut Imagine makes it easy to create Cricut machine projects regardless of your skill level or experience due to the ability to use preloaded imaging to create projects.

Whether you are an experienced crafter or just getting started with crafting, the Cricut Imagine is a powerful tool that can help you bring your ideas to life.

Where can I find additional cartridges for my Cricut Imagine?

Cartridges for the Cricut Imagine can be found online and in stores that sell Cricut products.

Each cartridge contains various images, fonts, and designs that can be used with the machine.

To find the perfect cartridge for your next project, browse the available cartridges and choose one best suit your needs based on the type of fonts, images, and coloring that you want.

What are some of the most popular cartridges?

Some of the most popular cartridges for the Cricut Imagine include:

Cricut Imagine More Cartridge

This cartridge features a variety of images and fonts that can be used to create unique projects.

Cricut Design Studio Cartridge

This cartridge is perfect for crafters who want to design their images and fonts.

HP Ink Cartridges

These are basic cartridges that can be used in your Cricut Imagine machine.

How do I create a custom design with my Cricut Imagine?

Card with coffee cup on it
Creating custom designs with your Cricut Imagine can help you with creating some of your best projects!

The Cricut Imagine machine makes it easy to create custom designs for your projects.

To create a custom design, insert your desired cartridge into the machine and select the “Design” option on the color touch LCD.

You can use the built-in editing tools to create your images, fonts, and designs.

Once you are finished, you can save your design to the machine’s memory or a USB drive for future use.

Can I use my Cricut Imagine with other machines?

The Cricut Imagine is compatible with other machines in the Cricut line, such as the Cricut Explore and Cricut Explore Air 2.

Additionally, the Cricut Imagine can be used with other design programs such as Design Space.

This makes it easy to create unique projects regardless of your skill level.

How do I care for my Cricut Imagine?

To keep your Cricut Imagine in good working condition, Cricut maker maintenance includes cleaning the machine regularly with a soft, dry cloth.

Additionally, you should avoid storing the device in direct sunlight or extreme temperatures, as this can damage the machine’s electronics.

If you are not using the Cricut Imagine for an extended period, unplug the device and store it in a safe place.

How do I print out photographs with my Cricut Imagine?

While the Cricut Imagine is primarily used for cutting and drawing designs, it can also be used to print out photographs.

To print photos with your Cricut Imagine, connect a compatible printer to the machine using a USB cable.

You can then use the color touch LCD or Design Space app to select and print your desired photos.

It is important to note that some printers may not be compatible with the Cricut Imagine, so it’s always best to consult your printer’s user manual before attempting to print.


The Cricut Imagine is a powerful tool to help you create unique and customized projects.

Whether you’re looking to print photos, draw designs, or cut intricate patterns, the Cricut Imagine provides a versatile solution.