Cricut Scoring Wheel VS Stylus – How They Compare

A scoring wheel is a tool that helps you quickly calculate different sizes, cutting settings, and patterns when cutting a design.

On the other hand, a stylus lets you interact with your Cricut maker machine. You can use a stylus to cut fabric, paper, or vinyl with the help of your Cricut.

If you aren’t familiar with the two, you’re probably wondering what the difference is between a stylus and a scoring wheel.

Keep reading to learn more about the Cricut scoring wheel vs stylus to determine which one you should use!

What is a Cricut Scoring Wheel?

Cricut scoring wheel
This is a Cricut scoring wheel!

The Cricut scoring wheel is an essential cutting tool that features a sharp blade that glides through the material to make a fold line or score on it.

The size of the cut line depends on the thickness and height of the foam core.

The foam core is attached to one side of the wheel with a handle at the top. For most purposes, you can use scoring wheels as long as you’re using Cricut materials.

This tool makes scoring simple.

This scoring wheel has two options:

  • The regular fold line
  • The app kit with a unique score shape

You can take on projects like book doublers, envelopes, backing pieces, or partitions with this scoring wheel.

What is a Cricut Stylus?

Cricut stylus
Here is what your standard Cricut stylus will look like. This can help you create many different projects.

A Cricut stylus is a pen-shaped device that helps you increase accuracy while cutting.

It glides along the surface to execute intricate patterns. Using the stylus is free, unlike clip art in the Cricut Design Space.

The tool enables you to design different shapes and enhances the creation of intricate designs.

The device is transparent, making it easy for you to see what you’re doing at all times.

With this technology in place, the Cricut stylus eliminates vinyl skipping during a cut leaving you with precise cuts every time.

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difference between a scoring wheel and stylus

The Cricut stylus can help you create writing like this easily.

A scoring wheel and a scoring stylus essentially do the same thing which is making a fold in a material.

The scoring wheel is a rolling wheel that will make folds or indentions into your product.

A scoring stylus is a fine-tip object that makes folds or indentions into the material.

The main thing to remember is that the scoring wheel is better used for thicker materials such as cardboard or cardstock.

Though the scoring stylus can do intricate designs, it isn’t great on thicker materials as the score line doesn’t show as well.

Both of them are great for making score lines so you can’t go wrong with either, just consider your material!

Using a Cricut Scoring Wheel

When it comes to using a scoring wheel, one of the first steps is to decide what size you will need – 01 or 02.

Once you have decided on a size, you will have to find the correct cutting settings for your project’s scoring wheel.

You do this by following the markings on the scoring wheel.

Once you have the right size and cutting settings on your cutting wheel, you can take the traced-out material and arrange it on your machine to create the project.

Once your project is on the device, you can then press the button and watch as your device cuts out your project!

Here’s a video showing you how to use the Cricut Scoring Wheel:

Using a Cricut Scoring Stylus

With a Cricut stylus, you can navigate your Cricut software, create patterns, etc. The Cricut stylus uses curvilinear tension as its cutting tool.

It automatically applies the correct pressure when or if you have to move the stylus against your material.

You can use it to cut out pieces of vinyl, iron-on (if your machine has this ability), and heat transfer vinyl, among other projects that can be done on a Cricut Maker 3.

On some materials, the tip is preset by default.

On some others, the information will remain unaffected until you press on top of it with your finger and then continue to push down onto your cutting material with that same amount of pressure.

The good news is that this means you create intricate patterns by quickly removing and reapplying different pattern types.

As long as you can see through clear parts of the Cricut stylus (because each end has a paper on it), you shouldn’t have any issues seeing exactly where and how your cuts are being made.

Here’s a great video showing how to use the Cricut stylus:


Q: How do you replace the stylus on the scoring wheel?

A: To replace the stylus on your scoring wheel, all you have to do is unscrew it and remove it. This part is known as your stylus tip.

You need to screw in new information onto the threaded stem and replace your original one in its slot.

Continue to screw it into place until it is firmly fixed in place.

Q: How can I use my Cricut scoring wheel with other materials?

A: The Cricut comes with everything you need to make patterns and create significant cuts with its scoring wheel, including many different sizes of vinyl.

You can also use tools like chalk or pencils simply by making their marks and following along after cutting through that material.

Q: What kind of projects can I use this for?

A: The Cricut stylus pen can be used for many projects, such as scrapbooking, home décor, embossing, and more!

With this pen, you can take hours of crafting time off because you won’t worry about making mistakes.

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Q: Can this stylus be used for other materials other than vinyl?

A: Yes, in fact, it can be!

With the Cricut stylus pen, you can use it on materials like paper and cardstock. It also works with certain types of fabrics.

Q: Can I reuse the stylus pen on different projects?

A: Yes! This Cricut stylus is reusable and will last for many different projects.

All you need to do is change out your sticky tabs when required and continue to use this fantastic tool.

Final Words

Now that you know more about scoring wheels and styluses, you probably wonder what the best tool for the job is.

If you are looking for a tool that can help you calculate sizes and settings without any help, a scoring wheel is probably your best bet.

If you are looking for a tool that lets you create intricate designs, navigate your software, and more, a stylus may be the right choice for you!