Why is My Cricut Not Cutting Through Vinyl? (How to Fix)

Why is my Cricut not cutting through vinyl? If you’re having trouble getting your Cricut to cut through the vinyl, you’re not alone.

This is a common problem that a lot of people experience, including us. In this blog post, we will discuss the causes of this issue and how to fix it.

Why Is My Cricut Not Cutting Through Vinyl

cutting through vinyl
Cricut is made to cut through all vinyl, including premium vinyl.

Your Cricut may not cut through vinyl if your blade is dull, you’re using the wrong blade for the material, the blade is not calibrated to cut deep enough to get through the vinyl, or the vinyl is not secured to the mat.

It also may not cut through vinyl if the wrong material is selected for cutting, or you have an open clamp in your machine. Double-check the knife and all settings then try a test cut on paper.

If the knife blade is sharp and new and settings are correct, contact Cricut Customer Service for in-depth help or repair if needed.

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6 Tips To Trouble Shoot a Cricut That Won’t Cut Vinyl

a cricut maker machine
A Cricut Maker can cut through almost anything, including vinyl, fabric, wood, leather, and more.

If you’re having trouble getting your Cricut machine to cut through the vinyl, there are a few things you can check.

  1. Is your knife blade dull? A dull blade will make ragged cuts before refusing to cut at all. If you think your blade may be dull, try replacing it before cutting again.
  2. Make sure your vinyl is secured to the cutting mat. If it slides around the Cricut can’t cut it.
  3. Make sure that you’re using the correct blade for the material you’re cutting. Cricut comes with a Premium Fine Point Blade and a Deep Point Blade, and you can also purchase a Knife Blade for more heavy-duty cutting. If you use the wrong blade, it won’t be able to cut through the vinyl.
  4. Check the blade depth setting on your machine. The blade depth will need to be increased when cutting thicker materials like vinyl.
  5. Check your knife blade calibration. The knife blade should be protruding slightly from the blade housing for it to cut properly. Try doing a test cut on some scrap paper to make sure that the machine is cutting correctly.
  6. Finally, make sure you’re using the correct material setting for the type of vinyl you’re trying to cut. Check your Smart Set dial to make sure you’ve selected the right material.
  7. If you are using a Cricut expression machine, check for an open clamp B.

If the machine has difficulty cutting through the paper, then there may be an issue with the assembly arm or blade height settings.

If all of these basic troubleshooting tips don’t help, then contact Cricut customer service for further assistance.

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What Kind of Vinyl Can I Use With Cricut?

Cricut Machine
Cricut machines are wildly popular because they cut through so many materials with ease.

Cricut machines are computer-operated cutting machines used to cut various materials such as vinyl, paper, leather, and fabric.

They can be used for a variety of projects, such as scrapbooking, card making, and home décor.

Cricut machines are most famous for cutting vinyl.

The lineup of Cricut brand vinyl is staggering, but other brands like Siser make a long list of premium vinyl that can be cut with a Cricut machine.

Regardless of the model, all Cricut machines can cut any type of Cricut vinyl, so if your machine won’t cut, you can be sure there is something wrong in the settings or with your blade.

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Wrapping Up

If your Cricut is not giving you clean cuts or is refusing to cut your vinyl, make sure you’re using the correct blade, at the correct height, and that the blade is sharp.

Cricut is one of the easiest crafting tools to use once you learn how.

The possibilities are nearly endless and the finish is professional, making it the most popular crafting machine for hobbyists and professionals alike.

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