Here is the tutorial for the Nursing Apron or Breastfeeding Cover or Hooter Hider, whatever you decide to call it.

Breastfeeding Cover
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Supplies Needed:
1 yard of Fabric
Boning – 16 inches
Terry Cloth (optional) small piece, 6×8 inches
1 package of 1.25 inches D rings

Breastfeeding Cover2 Cut your yard of fabric into the following dimensions
1 pc. 38×26 inches
1 pc. 3 x 10 inches
1 pc. 3 x 28 inches
1 pc. 6 x 8 inches (optional, this piece will be a pocket if you wish)

Breastfeeding Cover3 Start by sewing your straps.

Breastfeeding Cover4 Sew each strap with a 1/4 inch seam. On the shorter strap, leave each end open.

Breastfeeding Cover5 On the longer strap, leave one end open and sew a slight curve on the other end. Turn both straps.

Breastfeeding Cover tutorial2 Now do your ironing.

Breastfeeding Cover tutorial Start by ironing your straps flat with the seam in the middle.

Breastfeeding Cover tutorial4 See how the curved end translates into a point? That will come in handy when wearing the cover, the point allows the strap to go into the d-rings easier. If you want to speed up your design you have to check out the review I’ve written about the Brother Scan and Cut 2 machine.

Breastfeeding Cover tutorial5 Now iron the other pieces.

When I say, iron 1/4 inch, then 3/4 inch, follow the picture above. The first pass, iron 1/4 inch, then turn the fabric down 3/4 inch and iron again. This will leave a nice edge and prevent your fabric from fraying.

tutorial Iron the big piece the same way.

tutorial2 Now sew your straps. Start with the little strap. Fold it in half, and put both of the d-rings in the fold.

tutorial3 Starting on one side, sew both halves together, sew underneath the d-rings and down the other side.

tutorial4 It should look like this.

tutorial3 Now top stitch the other strap. Set the straps aside.

Breastfeeding Cover tutorial2 Now top stitch the 6×8 pocket. Top stitch along the top fold only. The other side, you will sew to the actual apron.

Breastfeeding Cover2 I do two rows of stitches on the top of the pocket, mainly because I am a little neurotic with my sewing, if you choose to do one row, I will not judge you…I promise

Now time for putting all of the pieces together…you are almost done, can you believe it?

tutorial Pin the pocket in one corner. See why you only iron one side? The other side is sewn into the edge of the apron. Also, please excuse my sausage fingers, I photographed this tutorial 3 days before Gus was born. Maybe you are interested how it matches against the Cricut Competitor. Check out the Cricut Maker Vs Brother ScannCut 2 review.

tutorial Pin the terry cloth into the other corner.

Breastfeeding Cover2 Pin the straps to the top of the apron, 10 inches from each side. See how I just tucked the end of the strap under the fold?

Breastfeeding Cover tutorial2 If you are picky, make sure to pin the seam towards the back of the apron.

Breastfeeding Cover4 Here is what your lay out should look like.

Breastfeeding Cover tutorial4 Now start topstitching. I just sew right along the edge of the folded edge, except for the top, I put another row of stitches.

Breastfeeding Cover tutorial5 Also on the top, leave a 2 inch opening that you can slide the boning into. I leave this opening right next to one of the straps.

Breastfeeding Cover4 After you have sewn the whole thing, you will want to sew down the pocket and the terry cloth.

Breastfeeding Cover5 Just sew the pocket down, I used a zig zag at the top of the pocket, to strengthen the pocket.

tutorial4 Sew the two sides of the terry cloth to the apron. Just sew them flat. Now, both the terry cloth and the pocket are optional. If you don’t feel like you need or want them, leave those steps out. I made mine with both the pocket and the terry cloth, but the next one I make, I will leave them out, because I haven’t used them…like at all.

Breastfeeding Cover tutorial4 Now for the boning. You will want to secure the boning, you will do this by just stitching up the ends. If you have to snip a little of the boning out, that is fine. See how the ends are stitched? I promise, this makes the next step sooo much easier.

tutorial Now, with the curve of boning towards you, start threading the boning into the opening you left at the top.

Breastfeeding Cover5


Breastfeeding Cover3 After the boning is in place, sew up the opening and you are done! Now go forth and breastfeed in public.



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