How to Slice on Cricut Design Space

Why doesn’t Slicing in Cricut Design Space work?


Before I get into the deep, I will tell you what is slicing and how it works in Cricut Design Space. There are multiple reasons why you need to slice, and I will give you a few examples as well.

Thanks to Cricut Design Space, it’s easy to slice layers. The engineers who have created this software made it so intuitive, so it’s easy to use. If you compare it with other programs, this is the easiest with the least learning curve involved.

So let’s take a look at how to slice on Cricut Design Space. Don’t forget this: there’s only one rule when it comes to slicing. You can only slice two layers at the same time.

If you have multiple layers selected, you need to do the slicing one at a time. The best way to imagine slicing is by looking at it as a cookie-cutter.

You have two layers. For simplicity, let’s take a rectangle and a heart shape. You place the heart on the rectangle and select both layers. Once that’s done you hit the slice button. And you’re done article over.

Wait wait wait I’m not through just yet. After you remove the top layer, which is the heart in our case, you see the rectangle and the shape of the heart, just like using a cookie cutter.

You can remove the heart, and the rectangle will be missing heart shape.

With the slice feature, you can duplicate any shape in different materials. Or you can decorate a rectangle with multiple heart shapes. This comes down to your needs and preferences.

I don’t know about others, but his function came to me easy. Previously I’ve worked in 3D software called Rhino3d, and I got used to the Boolean function quite fast. The only difference there was that you could use more objects in Rhino. The way it was done was by having an object or objects which were getting cut, and there were the objects which were doing the cutting. So you weren’t limited to just two.

But these are just memories from the past. Cricut Design Space is much much simpler and easier to use.

As I mentioned before you can use slicing for multiple purposes. But what do you do if you have a text that you want to slice out? Simply, all you have to do is slice the object each and every time with the next letter.

There’s an option for grouping, but this won’t help you with slicing it’s just for moving a number of layers at the same time.

Here’s another quick tip. There are occasions when you have to create bigger objects. The Cricut machines are limited to a specific size. If you want to break through that barrier, then you need to slice your design in pieces small enough for the Cricut to cut. After that, you can assemble the pieces at the end.

Slicing comes handy when you want to create something unique. For example, you can create customer invite cards or thank you notes. With the slicing function, you can cut out different shapes, so your design becomes unique.

Ok ok, I get it, but I still can’t slice a simple text what gives?

This is why I’ve created this How to Slice on Cricut guide.

Yes, I know it’s frustrating. Now let’s take a look at this example.

Are the letters connected? If they are not, then that’s your problem. With Design Space, you can easily adjust the letter spacing. Now if there are still not connected, you need to ungroup the letters and start moving them next to each other, so they are touching.

After that’s done, you can use the weld option and then you can easily slice them.

Remember the golden rule; you can only slice only and only two layers.

This concludes my tutorial on how to slice on Cricut Design Space. Hopefully, all of your questions were answered. If you have something that’s not clear, feel free to contact me.

You can leave a comment or send me an email. I do respond to legitimate messages and read all the comments. If you have other sticking points, do let me know, and I will try to cover it in another article.

Until then …

Happy Crafting!

Here are some frequent questions from our readers (FAQ):

Why can I not slice in Cricut Design space?

There’s one rule to follow when you are trying to slice in Cricut Design Space. You can only slice two layers. If there are more than two the option won’t be available. So you either weld your shapes together of slice them one by one.

How do you slice letters in Cricut Design space?

You have two options you either weld the letters together if it’s the case or you slice by each letter at a time.

What does Weld do on Cricut?

In Cricut the Weld tool allows you to create one layer out of your shapes by removing overlapping lines.

Can you Unweld in Cricut?

Once something is welded you can’t go back and unweld it. Make sure and double check before you hit the weld button.

What does flatten mean Cricut?

The flatten tool merges all your layers into one. This way it will be easier to cut it out.

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