For something a little different than plain old twinkle lights, try folding paper around those lights.
How to make origami lights
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How to make origami lights2

Start with a square piece of paper, I used 8 1/2 x 8 1/2 for these lights.

How to make origami lights3

Fold diagonal.

How to make origami lights4

Again on the opposite diagonal.

How to make origami lights4
Fold in half.
How to make origami lights5

And again, in half. You should have folded 4 times.

How to make origami lights6

Pinch the flat edges together to form this point. If you can’t form it, try flipping the paper over.

origami lights

Your piece should now look like this.

origami lights2

Then fold all of the corners up to the middle.

origami lights3

Like so.

origami lights4

Then fold the edges into the middle, all four sides.

origami lights5

Then take the four loose ends + tuck them into the pockets.


One end should have a little hole.


Blow air into that hole, inflating your lantern.
Using the hole, attach the lanterns to the string of lights.

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